Friday, 19 February 2016

Shaam-e-Awadh Caterers is dedicated to Plan, Organise and Execute Weddings and full catering service in Lucknow, however big or small, in such a way that optimum cost is paid to get a smooth sailing function.

However the onus of planning the basic theme of Marriages Function is decided by the hosts and rest is planned and executed by the best Caterers of Sham-e-Awadh in Lucknow.

However, Shaam-e-Awadh Caterers is trying to help the Host to make informed decision on “What all to be done” which keeps the budget low and still make an Event, unique in its kind.
The best way for Bridging between the Wedding Dreams to Financial Realities, is “Keep it Simple”. Try not to multiply the similar dishes, for example Mutton Qorma and Mutton Roghan Josh, or Chicken Lagan and Chicken Masala, or Shahi Paneer, Paneer Lababdar and Kadhai Paneer, in same Menu will increase cost. Avoid dry Chicken (Grilled, Roasted and Fry) as they are consumed heavily.
Be Practical in choosing the variety of Starters and Snacks as well as Desserts and Beverages. Having One (1) item in every category is sufficient, you can double it (two each) to raise the cost to at least 1.5 times. Think of how many Snacks or Desserts items you have tried and enjoyed in the last Wedding Function you attended as a Guest.
Shaam-e-Awadh offers most of the services like outdoor catering for marriages and Indoor catering for birthdays, Mughlai and Non.Veg. catering services for Muslim marriages at a very reasonable and affordable price.
"Shaam-e-Awadh also offers Semi Catering, Mini Catering and Service Catering as well."

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